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About YEHS Vitality

At YEHS Vitality we’re interested in an individual to feel healthy from  inside out. We know that what we get is a result of our lifestyle and our nutitional habits. So, what we get is the result of our daily habits, diet and lifestyle choices. Better choices result in a better life.

However it is not always possible for us to optimise our nutitional requirement by our day to day intake of food and lifestyle.  

We’ve bought together one of the UK’s most researched and carefully selected group of health,nutritional supplements and wellness products recommended by our expert panel of medical doctors, nutritionists and complimentary health therapists.  Choosing our products as part of your daily routine will set you on the right path to health and wellbeing.

YEHS Vitality is one of the eMed Pharma Group’s initiatives. eMed is one of the UKs fastest growing digital health portals with a wide spectrum of online services including pharmacy, doctors and therapists, domiciliary care and its own TV channel.


At YEHS Vitality we have

- carefully selected nutritional supplements, vitamins, healthcare and skincare products other than traditional medicine,

- access to exclusive, new and unique nutritional products and wellness solutions

- hand-picked experienced, diligent and qualified nutrition specialists

- custom built technology allowing an easy access to nutritionist’s advice, and

- a friendly, warm and understanding customer service team should you need it.


We’ve built YEHS Vitality for all age groups interested in improving their every-day lifestyle choices and growing their knowledge of their specific nutritional needs. 

We’re continuing to develop and search for new and exciting health and wellness products which may be just the one you’re looking for. You’ll find that we have sourced a number of products that are exclusive to YEHS Vitality and are not available elsewhere online or with high street retailers.


YEHS Vitality Online Nutritionist & Dietician

Our Nutritionist and Dietician online service offers a simple way to connect with professional nutritionists, nutritional therapists and dieticians across the UK, who are hand-picked by the YEHS Vitality expert panel to operate through yehsvitality.co.uk. YEHS Vitality gives an opportunity to consult (video/chat/audio/asynchronous consultation) with nutritionists and dieticians online before or after ordering a product or just when some advice is needed.